Matilda E. Orhewere, a Nigerian writer and blogger who believes in the new Nigeria

She is currently writing a book on the subject of the new Nigerian society for the future generation of Nigerians. Also she often writes on her blog and in several important websites.

Matilda Elizabeth Emigharin Orhewere was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a writer with interest in fiction and non-fiction writing as well as news reporting and editing. She is an avid reader and she writes actively on her blog and many other websites. She is one of the Nigerians promoting the ideology of reviving the spirit of nationalism in Nigerians with a view to firmly establish the new Nigeria as designed by the next generation of Nigerians. Matilda also a personal development guide lending emotional support to individuals who have fallen in status and are in a quest for a second chance of finding their way back into social acceptability. She has had the privilege of being mentored by Pastor Femi Emmanuel, Engr. TOA Bamgbopa, Sr. Apostle Fredrick Egbaiyelo, Mr. Aikay Oduoza and Ms. Irene Omolara Akinshola.

Por: Alberto Berenguer   Twitter: @tukoberenguer

When did you start writing? Does it come from family?
I grew up with writing as a major part of expression; both my parents are trained teachers and we had ample room for reading and writing.

On your way to write, do you have any mania when you write?
I have a preference for writing short articles on the current affairs and the state of the Nigerian nation focusing on reviving the spirit of the new Nigeria.

Why do you prefer the articles brief and clear?
My understanding is that my writing is not for myself but for my audience and I believe that if the language is not clear enough and if the articles are too long, the young people of today who I mainly target as my audience will not have the time and patience to read them.

Your blog is called, how did arise the idea? What did you reason to create a blog?
I am aware that I do not need any further registration to lay claim to my personal names, MATILDA ELIZABETH EMIGHARIN ORHEWERE, and when I took up blogging on Blogger. I chose to use my personal name.

What can bloggers found in «Meorhewere«?
My blog is designed to provide articles on life and living, news and current affairs, consumer news, humour and art; however, with the pressing need for re-enlightenment and redirection in our society, the main area of focus for now is reviving the spirit of patriotism and nationalism in a bid to build the new Nigerian nation and people.

Are Nigerians very users to the blog?
I cannot conclusively say that blogging is very popular in Nigeria yet.

Would you recommend our followers a Nigerian blog?
The Daily Post is an online journal blog that provides a vast coverage of the Nigerian society and I recommend it for anyone who wants a truly balanced view about Nigeria and Nigerians.

Also you write in several important websites in your country as Daily Times Nigeria, Gbooza or DailyPost, what role do you have in the media? Do they allow you to always give your opinion?
Not all the time especially with Daily Times that has a very versatile editor who takes time to sieve and moderate articles but sites like Gbooza and Daily Post are more liberal with what they accept to publish.

And what do you think are the reasons for your success as a writer?
My writing skill is a divine gift and I cannot attribute it to training or exposure; at the same time, I have received a lot of training and support from great writers and critics who have not given me any reason to rest on my oars.

We would like to know your opinion about ethnic and religious problems that exist in your country; do you think that you are aware of the electoral fraud?
Yes, I am aware of the peculiarities and anomaly in the Nigerian society and I particularly appreciate the generation of new Nigerians whom we see as the beacon for bringing about change in our society. Nigeria has been led astray by the generation of old leaders who chose to cling to bitterness and needless sentiments which do not yield any appreciable benefits. For this reason we focus tenaciously on the new generation hoping that they will not allow the old to corrupt their reasoning.

Flora Nwapa was the first woman novelist in Africa with a book published in London, Efuru (1966). Have you thought at some time writing a book?
Yes, I am currently writing a book on the subject of the new Nigerian society for the future generation of Nigerians.

In 1970 it finished the civil war in Nigeria affecting to literature in many ways as the death of the poet Christopher Okigbo or damage Wole Soyinka for criticizing the atrocities committed in the war. Do you think that currently continues that censorship or there are taboo topics?
Thankfully, Nigeria is now practicing civil-rule which is more like a counterfeit of democracy; this is a giant leap from military rule. To a large extent, there is freedom of expression in Nigeria and of course whatever the authorities refuse to publish in Nigeria can be published outside Nigeria and imported into the Nigerian society.

In addition, it appeared a literary style to the East of Nigeria, Onitsha, known as «Onitsha Market Literature». The main characteristic of this movement was that most of the writers were amateurs and with a humble education. Do you think that this literary style in Nigeria should implement again?
Well the basic information has been preserved but much of what we know about Nigeria must be revisited at some point to stop historians of the old order from misleading the Nigerians of today. A lot of information that is of no use has been stored and to a large extent they have only succeeded in fostering bitterness among the ethnic and religious sections of Nigeria.

Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe’s novel has been translated into more than 50 languages around the world. For its part, Wole Soyinka pride Africa when he won the Nobel Prize in 1986. Do you think that Nigerian literature is consolidated and recognized internationally thanks to the efforts of their writers?
Yes and to a great extent too. Since the generation of the earliest Nigerian authors, it is like the art of writing went to sleep but it is not true; there is a lot of writing going on in Nigeria but mediocrity and failure to recognize the principles of decent writing culture and etiquette make most writers appear like amateurs and quacks.

What do you expect of the new Nigeria?
I expect the people of the new Nigeria to believe that Nigeria belongs to them and to protect and show her and her children some love and mercy so that she can blossom and the land will yield of its abundance to the people and they can all dwell side by side in peace.

We talk about the literature that you like now. If you had to choose some literary genre, what would it be?
I like the history of political leadership focusing on effective governance.

Do you also have any favorite author?
I like Flora Nwapa’s works.

What must you have a book to get hooked?
Healthy humour inclining towards sarcasm

Finally, what book would you recommend to followers of De lectura Obligada?
Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

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