David P Perlmutter has been praised around the world on Amazon and other book websites

Wrong Place Wrong Time is his first book and it’s based on true life events when he visited Spain. He may translate it into Spanish in the near future and he has a marketing book in the pipeline

«Like a lot of good movies, it left me wanting to know more about what happened afterward. » Bobbi Botaz
«A totally gripping story all the way until the last page. » Dian Marchese
«Congratulations to the author for surviving this nightmare and I applaud his courage in telling this story. »
Banner of the novel

Banner of the novel ‘Wrong Place Wrong Time’ 

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By: Alberto Berenguer     Twitter: @tukoberenguer

David P Perlmutter, author of his very own real life story 'Wrong Place Wrong Time'

David P Perlmutter, author of his very own real life story ‘Wrong Place Wrong Time’

Your first book is Wrong Place Wrong Time published on Amazon. Why did you decide to publish on Amazon.com? It is due to enduring years of rejection from agents and publishers?
I never went to any publishers or agents at all; I simply completed the book, uploaded onto Amazon and clicked the self published button.

Your book is based on events that happened in the early 90’s when you visited Spain with its promise of adventure and fun. Will you translate Wrong Place Wring Time into Spanish?
At the moment it’s only in English, I may translate it into Spanish in the near future.

Why did you narrate the Spanish life in your first book?
I started to write the happenings of my trip as a blog, just to put down what happen. Never occurred or thought about writing a book. But then a friend of mine who is also an editor read the first couple of chapters and suggested that I should continue with the story as a book. So I did.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Overall the book took 3 years to complete.

How would you define your narrative style?
A conversation in writing, well I hope so anyway.

We’ve all been at the wrong place and wrong time. The book certainly fits the title. Was it difficult choosing it?
Nope not at all as I feel that is what happens to me, even though some reviews have suggested other titles, I went along with my first gut feeling for it.

Wrong Place Wring Time was #1 bestseller in True Crime in America and #3 paid in Kindle Store in France. Did you expect this success?
Not at all. I just wrote the book for my own piece of mind and totally amazed how it has been received around the world on Amazon and other book websites.

It’s a book frightening, realistic and gut wrenching. Do you think that the fact that it’s a true story made it even more engrossing? Or what is the strong point of the novel?
I feel that as it’s a true story, yes it has, I guess more of an impact.

You have received many positive reviews from your readers on the whole, over fifty reviews in fact. However, other thinks that not an interesting story line. What is your viewpoint? Currently, on Amazon worldwide I have over 175 reviews with over 100 x 5 stars, over 30 x 4 stars and only 20 x 1 stars, so I am happy with that. That is not including the 4 and 5 stars on Goodreads, Smashwords and iTunes. Look, you cannot please everybody, everyone has their own opinion and that is the beauty of it. Some of the 1 stars are quite harsh but you just have to live with it.

All readers agree that your e-book is a fairly quick read. Was it difficult to write the plot of the novel?
I didn’t want to pan the story out and as it’s based on a true story, why add bits in when there is no need.

'Wrong Place Wrong Time' is based on true life events

‘Wrong Place Wrong Time’ is based on true life events

“The book could have been about half the length, it was repetitive and a lot of the padded bits were boring”. Also, do you agree with this comment about your novel? And, how do you face up to negative reviews?
That is one opinion; I just look at the other 140 or so 5 and 4 stars and the one star go in the draw so to speak, hey if I could please everybody I would be a very lucky and rich man.Who creates the cover of your e-book?
My twin brother.

You have now got the writing bug and two further books are in the pipeline. Can you talk us something from these projects?
At the moment the books have taken a step back as I have been so busy with this book, but the other books will happen.

And, will you continue writing about true crimes?  
No. I have a marketing book in the pipeline as marketing and promotions is what I enjoy, so I thought I would write about it.

Many writers feel pressure after the success of first novel.  Will you influence this fact on your next book?
No. I feel I am not a writer not like some of my author friends are, I wrote one book to tell a story.

Finally, why would you suggest Wrong Place Wring Time as a reader?
Because it is based on a true story, readers could learn from it and can relate to some parts of the story line.

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