Review: ‘My Family and Other Animals’, by Gerald Durrell

My Family & Other Animals is a beautiful and refreshing comedy book which brings you back to your childhood

By: Alberto Berenguer     Twitter: @tukoberenguer

Gerald Durrell, the famous British writer and naturalist

Gerald Durrell, the famous British writer and naturalist

In 1935 Gerald Durrell, the famous British writer and naturalist, went to live on the island of Corfu with his eccentric family. And this is where Gerald Durrell autobiographical novel “My Family and Other Animals” begins. This novel was published in 1956, but Durrell had already written several successful books about his trips collecting animals. He died in 1995.

The book “My Family and Other Animals” tells the story of Gerald´s adventures with the amazing animals of Corfu. This story is set in the island of Corfu between 1935 and 1939. The book has ten chapters and we discover new animals in all of them. But it’s not simply a catalogue of wildlife. This novel also tells the story of Gerald´s family. Gerald is the youngest in a family formed by their widowed mother, the oldest son Larry, the gun-mad Leslie, the diet-obsessed sister Margo and, of course, the dog Roger. Each chapter focuses on a story: meeting new people, moving from village to village, making new friends, the “love story” of Gerald´s mother, Gerald and his lessons with different teachers… In this book, all the pictures of the family are real.

Cover's book

Cover’s book

In my opinion, the book “My Family and Other Animals” is a bit dull because it describes in great detail each of the actions: how Gerald finds the animals, how they are, what they eat… and is a bit heavy to read. However, the book has funny parts. For example, when Gerald discovered that Quasimodo, the tortoise, was a female and not a male because “she” had put a white egg; or when the scorpion hid under Leslie´s plate while her babies ran all over the table.

The novel is colloquially written and it´s really informative so I think that this book is more appropriate for children than for adults. The novel is narrated by Gerald, a boy of ten. In addition, almost all children love animals, so I think they will like it.

All in all, this book isn´t at all bad. I recommend this novel to you if you are a true animal lover like the protagonist of this autobiographical story. In this case you will learn and enjoy a lot. If instead you don´t like animals, then this book isn´t for you. A true master of satire.


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