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Naomi Mutua, a Kenyan writer loves crime and thrilling mysteries who has a few ideas in her head to start any literary work

She thinks that publishing in Kenya is expensive and is that her reading culture has really declined. More people are willing to purchase a novel by a foreign author worth on the street vendors than walk into a bookstore

Naomi Mutua was born in Nairobi, Kenya. She has always lived in Kenya, and she loves the country and the people. She’s a social media manager for an advertising and media agency, and she enjoys her work. She studied at Loreto College, Msongari. She also is a passionate advocate for the environment, trees and animals, and she loves traveling. When she’s bored or has some spare time, she bakes cupcakes and reads books.

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By: Alberto Berenguer    Twitter: tukoberenguer

When did you start writing? Do does it come from family?
I remember writing essays in English that were about 8 pages long once, while in school, and from then on, my English teacher asked me not to write more than 4 pages! I always loved words. Being in boarding school since I was 9 years old, I would often write to my sister and parents, and they were lengthy letters describing my stay in school. That’s when my passion for writing and for English kicked in. However, I don’t take it too seriously – I write it to express myself, and to get thoughts out of my head.

On your way to write, do you have any style when you write?
I write whatever comes to my head really. Often when I am almost close to a deadline, I will produce my best pieces. Other times, a conversation will trigger thought and I’ll rush and write before the idea disappears from my thoughts. I think I should be more disciplined about it but I’m not. Lee el resto de esta entrada