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Jennie Jones is an Australian writer who writes romance novel like her first book ‘The House on Burra Burra Lane’

She hopes the second and third books of her Swallow’s Fall series will see the light of day this year

Banner of her first book

Banner of her first book

  • I did do a lot of research into the Australian Snowy Mountain region my fictional small-town is set in.
  • The eBook is already available worldwide
  • If you love romantic comedies, romantic dramas or family sagas…you might enjoy The House on Burra Burra Lane
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By: Alberto Berenguer    Twitter: @tukoberenguer

Cover of 'The House on Burra Burra Lane' by Jennie Jones

Cover of ‘The House on Burra Burra Lane’ by Jennie Jones

Your first book is The House on Burra Burra Lane published in June 2013. Why did you decide to publish as an eBook with Escape Publishing? Is it due to enduring years of rejection from agents and publishers?
The House on Burra Burra Lane had a rewarding road to publication. I worked hard on skills and crafting and this paid off because the story was recognized in a number of competitions along its path to publication. After five months of submitting the story to a number of publishing houses, Harlequin (Australia) digital-first imprint Escape Publishing gave my story a home.
I can happily say that I did not have to endure years of rejection – just a few months. But I don’t discount my three-year writing journey because that was hard. Learning something new is not easy, and you do need to find and hold on to all perseverance within you if you want to accomplish what many say is the impossible.

However, your novel is now also in the shops in Australia and New Zealand in paperback with Harlequin (Australia). What format is functioning better?
Time will tell. There are so many opportunities to buy so many wonderful books with the digital age, but lots of readers still love to hold that paperback in their hands (me included). Lee el resto de esta entrada

The Australian writer Luke Romyn is the e-publishing sensation in his country

Luke Romyn, Bestselling author of The Dark Path, Beyond Hades, Blacklisted, and Slaves of Valhalla. Also, it’s available Corpus Christi on Amazon now. At first, The Legacy Chronicles will be a four-book series though it might extend further

Banner of his new novel 'Corpus Christi'

Banner of his new novel ‘Corpus Christi’

 «Luke does and incredible job telling the story and it really pulls you inside. » Miranda McHenry
«In his debut novel, “The Dark Path,” Luke showcases his writing talents through the eyes and actions of Vain, aka The Dark Man. » Dee Marie
«Will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning the page in a relentless quest to find out more. » Nicole Morgan
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By: Alberto Berenguer    Twitter: @tukoberenguer

Luke's first novel

Luke’s first novel

Your first four books have all been category best sellers on Amazon, with over 220.000 copies distributed to date. Did you expect this success?
I definitely hoped for it, but ultimately I just wanted people to read my books, to hear the stories I yearned to tell.

Why did you decide to publish on It is difficult to find a Publisher in Australia?
It’s difficult to publish anywhere, especially at the moment when the industry is in complete upheaval. But I love the ease of Amazon, and the audience you reach is now worldwide.

You have received many positive reviews from your readers on the whole, over eighty reviews in fact. However, other thinks that you use a bad language. Do you agree? Would you recommend The Dark Park to everyone beneath 18 years?
Of course there’s bad language. When writing about an assassin who tortures and murders people, he’s not going to be quoting Shakespeare. I try to make my characters as believable as possible, and won’t bracket them into what some people think is proper and improper just to avoid damaging someone’s delicate sensitivities. Would I recommend The Dark Path to under 18s? That depends on the reader. I’ve had 15 year olds contact me on Twitter saying The Dark Path made reading fun for them again. Sometimes kids see clearer than adults. Lee el resto de esta entrada